Program Level

Program Levels

We offer four levels in our abacus program. Each level within our Abacus Program is meticulously designed to progress seamlessly, ensuring students develop a strong foundation, advance their skills, and ultimately reach mastery in mental math, setting them on a path to mathematical excellence.

  • Junior Level

    At the Junior Level, we introduce budding mathematicians to the enchanting world of mental math. Through engaging activities and interactive learning, young learners explore the foundational concepts of the abacus, developing a strong numerical base while igniting a passion for arithmetic.

  • Foundation Level

    Building upon the basics, the Foundation Level delves deeper into the art of mental calculation. Students here enhance their skills, mastering the use of the abacus to perform calculations swiftly and accurately. This level lays a robust groundwork, ensuring a confident grasp of fundamental principles..

  • Advanced Level

    In the Advanced Level, students journey into more intricate techniques and advanced strategies of mental math. Here, the focus is on refining skills, fostering problem-solving abilities, and tackling complex calculations with ease. Students expand their proficiency, gaining confidence in handling challenging mathematical tasks..

  • Grand Master Level

    The Grand Master Level represents the pinnacle of mastery in the world of mental math. Students at this stage exhibit expertise, precision, and remarkable speed in performing complex calculations mentally. This level celebrates the culmination of dedication and perseverance, as students achieve an exceptional command over the abacus and mental arithmetic.